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Partnerships Project

What is the Partnerships Project?

The Partnerships Project is community based training delivery model for practitioners and parents in communities who serve children birth to six with special needs and their families. The Training Modules provide participants with knowledge and skills in various topics to increase their ability to support the children and families in their community settings. The modules offer a viable and proactive form of training that utilizes the strengths and skills of practitioners and the services within the communities in BC.

What training modules are offered?

  • Partnerships in Communication
  • Partnerships in Family Centered Practice
  • Partnerships in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
  • Partnerships in Positive Approaches to Behaviour
  • Partnerships in Promoting Participation and Function
  • Partnerships in Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Each of the training modules runs between 13-18 hours. They are developed to offer communities flexibility in delivery of the workshop i.e. weekly in evenings, on weekends or a full weekend. Two qualified trained facilitators from our Provincial Registry deliver community training.

What is the intended participant audience?

Training is for early childhood service providers who provide support to children and families in a variety of community settings.

  • early childhood educators
  • child care providers
  • community centre staff
  • infant development
  • supported child development
  • social workers
  • public health nurses
  • parents
  • special education assistants
  • teachers
  • family support workers
  • key workers

The recommended number of participants for a community training session is 20-25. Contact the Partnerships Project Assistant Coordinator if you are interested in attending a community training at aidp.ascd.admin@bcaafc.com or call 250-388-5593 or 1-866-338-4881.

How can a community host a training session?

If you wish to host any of the training modules the following criteria applies:

  • To ensure the integrity of the training modules, all community training sessions must be delivered by Trained Facilitators on the Partnerships Project Provincial Registry.
  • If your community is interested in offering a training session in a particular Module and you do not know if you have a trained Facilitator in your community, contact the coordinator to locate a trained facilitator, in or near your community.

I am interested in attending a community training.  What do I do?

If you wish to attend a training session for a particular training module, contact the coordinator who will assist you to organize or find a training session in your area.

What is the history of the Partnerships Project?

The Partnerships Project training modules were initially developed in the 1990′s by the Ministry of Health. These modules were used throughout BC for staff supporting children aged birth to six with disabilities in the community settings to assist the delivery of a more inclusive system of care.

In 2005 renewed interest came from community groups to update and revise the Partnerships training materials, and support the continuation of community training in the province. The Infant Development, Supported Child Development Consortium (ID/SCD) whose mandate is to promote best practices in curriculum, training and professional development that are culturally relevant for this consultant sector and related fields, was one of the community groups interested in revising, sustaining and creating Partnerships Materials.

In 2006, a Steering Committee was formed and a proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Children and family Development (MCFD). They received on-time only grants funds to revise and pilot the new modules, and to train new facilitators to present the training in their communities. The Project’s Steering Committee continues to guide the management and delivery of the training modules in collaboration with the host agency.

The Comox Valley Child Development Association (CVCDA) is the host agency for the Partnerships Project which is managed by the Partnerships Coordinator.

More information about this valuable project can be obtained by visiting the website at www.partnershipsproject.bc.ca or contact the coordinator directly at advisor.ascdp@bcaafc.com or call 250-388-5593 or 1-866-338-4881.

Partnerships Project Coordinator
Jackie Watts
250-388-5593 or 1-866-338-4881